Río Embudo Birds

An Introduction to Bird-watching

In 2021, the Taos Land Trust sponsored four online Workshops:

  • An Introduction to Bird Watching: Tools and Skills, Online and Off
  • How to Identify Birds: Where? When? What? leads to Who? and often Why?
  • How to “eBird” and other Online Resources and Citizen Science Projects
  • Habitat, Climate Change and the World We Share

The Joy of Migration:
Your 'backyard' as a window on the Seasons

A talk given for Sangre de Cristo Audubon, Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Learning the Birds
of the
Río Embudo

A set of tools to help you learn the local birds.

A collection of lists with photos, range maps and other resources, grouped by season.

Within each season, the lists begin with the most common and familiar species, then move to the less familiar.

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Read about the Seasonal Timing.
Robert's Legacy Birding Blog

Dixon CBC Identification Practice:

Of the 111 Species that have been recorded on the Dixon CBC, just 32 of those species account for more than 95% of the individuals counted.

The learning begins with those species that are seen every year. Many of these are very common species. Once those are mastered, one can move on to the species less likely to be seen.

Five different exercises for using the materials are described.

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