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This website is in transition. For the past decade, I have been a very active bird watcher, leading many bird walks and counts in Northern New Mexico. Due to various demands on my time, I am not actively leading bird walks at the moment.

I am also in the process of revising all of the birdlists associated with this site. Most of my determinations of species status was made about a decade ago and my knowledge has increased considerably.

I have also upgraded my photography equipment. I have many new local bird photos that I would like to integrate into this site, but do not have the time at this moment to do so.

I have also created a new interface which is based on bird migration. I had hoped to publish the new interface, with updated lists and photos by now, but it has not been possible. I had originally set a goal of May 2016 and then May 2017. It is not clear to me now when I will be able to do the work.

Another theme of the new interface is what I might refer to as "extreme local birding". There is not a location in northern New Mexico that does not have an extravagantly rich birdlife. Knowing the species and their timing in one's own location provides a connection to nature that is personal and special.

If there is a "sustainable" future in New Mexico in the face of climate change and post-carbon living, it probably involves the acequias and a resilient approach to what some refer to as "re-localization". Local knowledge of seasonal change and how plant and animal life relates to that change is an essential part of the process.

"Extreme local birding" is a form of re-localization. Bird watching and bird listening is something that is available on a continuous basis in your own locale. There's a lot going on out there!

Robert Templeton July 12, 2017

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