This is last year's (2015 CBC) schedule.
Scheduling for the 2016 CBC will begin in late October.

Christmas Bird Counts
Monday, December 14th, 2015  to  Tuesday, January 5th, 2016
Compilers: Please send count dates to Robert Templeton 505-579-4095

For more information about participating in one of these counts, visit

or contact the leader.

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See Table Sorted By Date

Count Date Leader Phone E-Mail
Albuquerque Sunday 27-Dec Raymond VanBuskirk 505-217-8514
  ABQ: Seeking new Compiler for next year or Co-compiler for this and future years. Contact Raymond. 
Angel Fire-Eagle Nest Friday 18-Dec Mary Jo Kelly 575-586-1189
Bluewater Lake Sunday 20-Dec John Trochet 916-736-3560
    Kim Score 505-240-3294
Bosque del Apache Saturday 19-Dec Dave Hawksworth 505-507-5343
Caballo Saturday 26-Dec John Douglas 575-541-0133
Carlsbad Caverns Saturday 19-Dec Steve West 575-885-3636
Chaco Canyon   Jim Von Haden 505-786-7014 x223
Cimarron Sunday 20-Dec Mary Jo Kelly 575-586-1189
Clayton Thursday 31-Dec Christopher Rustay 505-255-7786
Clovis Saturday 19-Dec Grant Beauprez 575-478-2460
Dixon Monday 14-Dec Robert Templeton 505-579-4095
Espa–ola Cancelled Bernie Foy 505-820-1658
Eunice-Lea County Saturday 26-Dec Pat McCasland 575-394-2600
Farmington Saturday 19-Dec Alan Nelson 505-325-8619
Five Points Wednesday 16-Dec Steve and Nancy Cox 505-345-2385
Gila River Saturday 26-Dec Roland Shook 575-590-4731
Guadalupe Mountains, TX Saturday 2-Jan Michael Haynie 915-828-3251 x2314
Janos-Ejido San Pedro, MX   Dave Mehlman 505-946-2022
Ladder Ranch   Bill West 505-989-3804
Lakes Avalon/Brantley Wednesday 16-Dec Tom Hines 575-885-1869
La Luz-Otero County Saturday 2-Jan John Douglas 575-541-0133
Las Cruces Saturday 19-Dec Wayne Treers 575-528-8696
Las Vegas Sunday 20-Dec Chris Ruge 505-429-7744
Los Alamos Saturday 19-Dec Mouser Williams 505-850-6670
Loving   Craig Cranston 575-885-8362
Maxwell Needs Compiler If Interested, contact: Philip Garcia (505-425-3581)
Milnesand Wednesday 16-Dec Grant Beauprez 575-478-2460
Orilla Verde Wednesday 16-Dec Meg Peterson 575-758-4086
Pagosa Springs, CO Saturday 19-Dec Dottie George 970-731-5759
Peloncillo Mountains Sunday 3-Jan Nick Pederson 505-417-8665
Portal, AZ Saturday 2-Jan Jackie Lewis 520-558-2287
Questa Saturday 19-Dec Mary Jo Kelly 575-586-1189
Roswell Saturday 19-Dec Jeffrey Sanchez 575-625-4018
Ruidoso Saturday 2-Jan Anita Powell 575-257-5352
    Earl Gremillion 575 258-5617  
Sandia Mountains Saturday 26-Dec Nick Pederson 505-417-8665
Santa Fe Sunday 20-Dec Wyatt Egelhoff 505-946-8028
Sevilleta Friday 18-Dec Steve and Nancy Cox 505-345-2385
Silver City Saturday 19-Dec Karen Beckenbach 575-388-2386
Valle de Oro NWR Saturday 19-Dec Kim Score 505-240-3294
Zuni Needs Compiler If Interested, contact: John Trochet (916-736-3560)

Compilers: Dates for NM CBCs for last 9 Years.

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